Nonprofit and Public Management Scholar




My primary focus is as a nonprofit scholar specializing in networks and collaborative community governance. Also, my interests in understanding organizations as actors within broader institutional and community environments has led to a secondary focus on research methods, particularly methodologies capable of handling longitudinal, multi-level, dynamic, and inter-dependent data structures.

My research agenda focuses on aspects of nonprofit and public agencies engaging in boundary management. To advance this area of interest, I pursue research questions for understanding collaborative governance, while advancing methods to inform and expand organizational and network theories.

Throughout my graduate studies, I have also served as a team member and team leader for multiple projects, including examining public health collaborations over time, evaluating systems-change initiatives, and understanding the nature of networks of agencies and actors engaged in crisis response.



At this time, both sole-author and team-authored works are under review or in press at several leading journals in the Public Administration field. These journals include: Perspectives on Public Management and GovernanceNonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly , Journal of Nonprofit and Public Affairs, and Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

For a complete listing of publications and presentations, please visit my CV.

I have actively presented sole-author and collaborative research papers at several conferences in the fields of Public Administration, Nonprofit Management, and Public Management. These conferences have included Academy of Management, American Society of Public Administration, International Society for Third Sector Research, and Association for Research on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action.



Across career and graduate school experiences, I have developed a sense of what I enjoy as a student and the skills to translate my love for learning into impactful pedagogy for all types of learners. My dedication to learning and teaching has three main components: 1) a focus on building critical thinking skills, 2) an emphasis on creative approaches to course and assessment design, and 3) a keen awareness of building rapport with students while also expecting ownership and a growth mindset.

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